Thursday, September 17, 2009

Butterfly Festival!

For the last few years I have wanted to check out the butterfly festival in Southlake. Something has always come up but this year we finally made it!
I talked Kaden into it by telling him he could look for butterflies just like Diego!
Strangely though he wasn't nearly as tough as Diego. This was as close as he got the whole time!
Issy with a pretty butterfly on a stick
Landon seemed impressed.....
These handy catchers were equipped with watermelon pieces to entice the butterflies
Notice no butterflies...he was terrified....
Madison was brave as can be!
Trying to "hunt" with Daddy
She even wanted one on her nose when she saw another girl do it on a poster....
They rubbed it with watermelon to make it want to stay on...
Notice the look of terror at the thought of the delicate butterfly touching him
Butterfly hair-clip
Finally one that he would touch. We waited for about 30 minutes to get this lovely balloon butterfly...
We got them in the same picture amazingly enough

Afterwards we went to Coal Vines. The food was awesome but about halfway through our dinner it started pouring. We were on the porch and the covers did little to protect us. We got wetter and colder as the meal progressed. It was an interesting evening!
The butterfly festival was over-priced but still pretty cool!

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Jenn Bull said...

So that's how they get the butterflies to land on you...watermelon, I had no idea!