Monday, September 28, 2009

Pirates vs.Little Sluggers

Today was Kaden's First Official Blastball Game! We were, of course, the first to arrive!
Kaden warms up by spinning around the pole! He said " I am getting izzy!"
Warming up with Cade
Who's number one? Kaden's number one!
Sweetest Pirate Ever!
Mommy showing her speed!
I got it! It started off a little rough. They don't really understand that they can't all get the ball every time. Kaden kept wandering off and had to be enticed back with promises of goldfish and gummies!
Ready position...more like ready to attack and pout if I don't get the ball
Team Huddle
Waiting his turn.......some times went better than others
A little help from Coach Cox
Run Madison Run!
She may be number 0 but she means so much more to us! :)
High 5's all around!
Taking a little break
water time!
Team Photo

Surprisingly it was a tie! A great time was had by all but I needed a 2nd shower!

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