Saturday, September 26, 2009

Class of 1999+ Kids: At the Zoo

After the traditional school tour, we headed to the Abilene Zoo to show off our little ones.
Alyiah, Kaden and Zach pose by the sign. It was difficult to get them all looking at the same time

A close up..... Kaden enjoys making this face for some reason??

Addison Kluza...she is not still an infant, though if you are only depending on Jennifer's facebook you might think this!

Checking out the alligator. We were taking bets as to whether it was real. It did yawn for us later so we were convinced.

Watching the turtles with Daddy

Jennifer and Addison

The best part of the Abilene zoo, giraffe observation deck....

and big slimy tongues!

Admiring their parents former elementary school mascot

The bears were up on the fence eating oru crackers we threw. It was crazy to see them so close up!

This is for Daddy. Go JAGS!

Checking out the baby alligator. It was feeding day so there were some nice mice in all the cages.

Jennifer, Me and Becky

Camera was a little too slow!

One last look at the giraffes.....

Big hugs goodbye to our Buddy Zach! See ya soon!

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