Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Morning at Rynders

Gifts from Santa..too bad Mickey train was faulty and had to be sent back to the workshop.

Uncle Bubba tickle

A Little tired...
Time to tear into presents!

Mark asked for money but we thought it would be more fun if he had something to unwrap. Jon found a cheap machete....Mark loves random stuff such as this!

He also loves penguins

We got Kaden his own little mini Wii!

Mark thought it would be funny to give us money in the form of $1 bills that he wadded all up in a box.

It took a while to get them in useable form.

I love panini's!

Finally got it all unfolded. It is now in the form of paint in our kitchen and bathroom.

An intense game of fishing!

Rocking out!

Building with his new tools and play wood from Grammy

Long winter's nap

Perky Isser!

Merry Christmas to all!

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