Friday, March 19, 2010

Fort Worth Zoo: The MOLA

The weather finally warmed up enough for us to head out to the zoo!

Checking out the crocodile at his new home in the MOLA! The new building and habitats are amazing!

Giant snake

Rylee taking it all in!

Sort of petting a snake!

My favorite Aunties!

Leaping Lemurs!

Giant frog! These smile compliments of reverse psychology!

Walking the zoo!

Gomer Goat!

Sweet girl!

Climbing in the hen house!

A quick game of chase with A.llison

Big old crocodile!

This is how the crocodile snaps!

Right after this we went over to the bear pit. They have this fake log that goes into the cage and them sticks out on the observation side. The bear can climb in one side and then there is a foot or so of separation and kids can climb in the other side.

I got there first and couldn't see the bear so I walked around the corner to see if I could see him better. I started to call Meghan and Kaden over when suddenly the bear took off running and jumped into the log.
I heard a high pitched scream. Turns out it belonged to Kaden and Meghan who were inside the log looking into the cage. Needless to say he was not fan :)
At the Sun Bear cage he looked at us and said, "He can't get me!"

Petting the horseshoe crab

Going on a horsie ride!

Kathy Kangaroo!

One of the most entertaining things was watching the big gorilla playing with this burlap bag. He was throwing it around, putting it on his head and walking around. He then laid down and put it over himself like a blanket. It was quite funny!

Enjoying the show!

More Monkey fun. Madison and Vanessa joined us after lunch!

Not sure what he is talking about but looks serious!

He couldn't wait to see the elephants. They don't have any at the Abilene zoo any more and he kept saying "This place has elephants!"

After this Mommy was tired and didn't take any more pictures but we wrapped up our 4 hour trip to the zoo with ice cream.
Kaden and Riley crashed in the car, I waited until we got home!
What a fun day!

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