Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alley Cats

We have long enjoyed the sport of bowling. Jon and I even went for our first date, almost 11 years ago!
We decided it was time to introduce Kaden to this fun sport!

25 weeks!

Becky is ready for action

Choosing just the right ball...he wanted green, but it was much too heavy so he had to go with orange.

Granny shot

This was almost the actual speed the ball was lie!

Mommy's face shows how nervous she was of getting a bowling ball to the foot!

I got 3 pins..woo hoo!

Shot number two...

Waiting for the ball to make it to the actually came to a stop.

Daddy's turn to show his expertise.

Heave ho!

Issy and Will

Bowling is hard work, Kaden needed a snack. Luckily he talked Issy into a bag of cookies,

Here is Me beating Jon, halfway through I know..but still kind of funny.

Bowling Queen

Cool shoes!

Final scores for Issy's team

Sweet little Alley Cat!

Time to swing on out to dinner!

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