Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick Catch Up!

Ok I know I have not been a very good “blogger” lately. I have been reading instead of blogging, shame on me, I know. I don’t really have anything in particular to share just some random snippets of stories, facts, etc. so here goes!

Kaden loves to blow kisses! Last night he was sitting on my bed blowing me kisses. I would reach my hand out and say “got, it!” he thought it was hilarious! We did this for about 20 minutes!

On Saturday he got his hair cut at Sports Clips with Daddy. Surprisingly they were cheaper than the Kiddy Cuts Place! He didn’t like sitting on the booster though so Daddy wore the smock while a shirtless Kaden sat on his lap with a sucker to ease the pain. The lady doing the cutting has a 20 month old so she was really good with him. Daddy’s hands got a bit sticky covered in sucker drool and then, of course, hair clippings. Anyway he got a nice summer cut that styles nicely just like Daddy’s. I will post a picture soon, he looks so cute!

Wii…code for throw you shoulder out! Aunt Sissy invested in this dream machine of a video game system yesterday. We had fun playing it, though I am pretty terrible at most of the games. I can’t imagine how entertaining it would be to video us playing it. My shoulder had been bothering me for a while but I can barely lift my arm this morning. Sad I know! Kaden, of course, wanted in on the fun, so we managed to distract him with a DVD remote that looked very similar to our controllers. He was so cute swinging his arm around at the tv! Don’t worry no damage was done to the tv.

Nemo?...Nemo?...NEMO! this is the most common word heard around dour house these days. I love the movie, I really do but watching the last 30 minutes 4 times and the whole movie 3 times is a bit much for a week! Side note… Aunt Allison DVR’d the last 30 minutes not realizing that we had the full movie. It was just easier to start it from there rather than dig out the dvd but after seeing the end so many times, we were forced to drag out the dvd so we could watch a different part. D was amazed how much more sense the movie makes when you see the beginning!

On Saturday Kaden and Zach finally got to have a play date. It had definitely been too long. They are so cute together. I can’t believe how big they are. They did a great job of helping each other up and down the slide. Kaden loves to help people up he grabs on and grunts like he is using all of his strength. When he helps mommy and daddy up he will sometimes grab our hair and ears, it is actually a very effective manner of getting us to get going. ;)

I found out on Saturday that Kaden now knows how to put his finger to his lips and say…sssshhh! It is so cute! He is also getting quite good at patting and then throwing his hands in the air to “blast off” just like the Little Einstein’s.

My favorite thing though is he loves to pray at meals. He will reach for our hands, scrunch up his shoulder and waits for the end when he shouts “Amen!”

Well that’s all I have for now! I will try to keep up better in the future!


JJC said...

thanks for commenting on our blog! it's so fun to read yours, too. we are all settled in the new house--it's on the street right behind the grocery. i hope we get to see each other at the pool this summer. we're really looking forward to it. when you have a chance, will you email me at i have a question for you. thanks! jill

elizabeth said...

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, his outfit was pretty funny. Only Bobby would wear that for 5 hrs and not have a problem with it! Boston is that it's finally warming up!! I'm having fun reading through your blog today when I should be working. Hope to see everyone on one of my Texas visits!