Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mini Golf

There is nothing quite like a good game of golf, mini golf that is. No need to haul a giant heavy bag on your back or drive a cart just simply stroll through the water falls.

Attempt to take a picture and explore

maybe even dark caves.
Yes, it is generally quite relaxing...unless you decide to take an eighteen month old. Now, Yes, he had a great time lining up his shot...

Or even just chasing the balls.

The problem was he often became an obstacle more difficult to escape than a sand trap.

He wasn't quite sure about the hole that was the final destination for his ball...

Daddy doing a special karate kid style warm up before trying to make his next shot. Notice Kaden observing this strange warm-up with some apprehension....

We had a great time even though I think I walked around the course at least twice as much as necessary chasing the Munchkin but I think we could have a future Tiger Woods....at least in the mini-golf world.
Oh, and scratch the part about not carrying a heavy bag...after all Tiger needs his juice!

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