Tuesday, April 1, 2008


When primary voting time rolled around last month I realized that I had not moved my voter registraiton when we moved to Keller and, therefore, was no longer a registered voter. Not wanting to fall down on my civic duties I printed out and sent in the form to change my voter registration to Tarrant County. I received my new card last Friday and was glad to know...well sort of glad I guess...that I was now able to help choose the next President.

Yesterday, 3 days after receiving my registration card, I received a jury summons. Random..yeah right! I have lived here for almost 3 years and now all of a sudden bam! I will be earning my $3 in two weeks as I sit and wait to be chosen for duty. Knowing my luck I will be chosen for an OJ length trial. I will let you know how it goes!
Any advice on a good read to take with me?

Random Tip:
Kaden had a terrible diaper rash last night. Wouldn't sit down and walked like he had been riding a horse kind of rash. We tried Boudreax's first, which worked for a while, but after he had been asleep for 2 hours he woke up screaming. Going with a tip from Grammy, we coated his bum in Cornstarch. Worked like a charm. Went right back to sleep and didn't complain again. This morning the redness had subsided greatly! Way to go Grammy!

Also I can't remember the last weight loss update I gave but it is as follows....I have lost 21 1/2 pounds. I flucuated a little after stopping the detox and my stomach still hasn't completely recovered but I seem to be moving in the right direction now.
Meg is also doing great with a 17 pound loss.
I forgot to ask Jon, will get back to you!

ok, enough random rambling for now!


Harts N Crafts said...

YOWZAH!!! way to go on the weight losses!! you will be totally ready for summer and bathing suit season. :)

megrynders said...

umm...I don't think we'll EVER be ready for bathing suit season...unless full body suits come back into fashion! LMAO