Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Ok, I know I am a week behind but I have been busy!

What a difference a year makes!

Our Easter weekend starting out in a very interesting way. Wanting to leave early on Thursday I worked early and late on Mon, Tues and Wed in order to allow us to be out of town by 3:30. I got home, we pack the car, including Kaden and Molly buckled in, Elmo playing and then as we pull out of the driveway we hear a terribly screeching noise. Half the garage door is coming down and half isn’t…not a good thing. After some attempts to remedy the situation we ended up causing one side of the garage to come off completely. Fantastic. I begin calling numbers while Jon unloaded Molly and a crying Kaden who wanted to watch “ELMO!” After calling 3 places, only one could come Thursday night, but it will be an hour and a half…pushing our leaving time to 6:00. The time we would have left anyway had I not gotten off early.
Anyway we now have a silently moving garage door which is great.

My plan for getting to Abilene early so that Kaden could get to bed early so that we could easily leave for Monahans the next morning was thwarted. He did go to sleep easily but was awakened and cried for about an hour at midnight. He never does this…ever…. After everyone, including Molly, tried to rock him back to sleep..... he would go to sleep but as soon as a muscle twitched to lie him down he was up and screaming, I finally got in bed, which was in the same room as him, and just sang for about 10 minutes. This seemed to appease him and he finally went to sleep.
We….I….. awoke the next morning at 6:45 to get ready to head to Monahans to visit Papa Jack. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player. ELMO… not my friend…at least not when I watch the same 3 episodes approximately 5 times. However, it was better than screaming. The whole 3 hours there Kaden’s eyes didn’t even blink slowly….fun right. We had a great visit. He played “outide” and visited with Papa. After a failed attempt to get him to nap he finally collapsed in my lap. This never happens! He slept almost an hour but my bladder could wait no longer, I tried to switch him to Daddy but he woke up. Another napless trip back filled with more Elmo and the 2nd viewing of the “arf arf movie” (101 Dalmatians) We made it back around 10. Another late night! This time he did go and stay asleep…until 9 the next morning! Halleluiah!

Saturday was Aunt Allison’s birthday. We started off the morning with French toast, ham and eggs for her birthday breakfast. It was enjoyed by all!
We then had Kaden’s first Easter egg hunt as a trial run for the big one later in the afternoon.

The eggs had Elmo on them, double bonus so he did enjoy finding them. It took a little while for him to figure out that the green paper inside was a good thing, Mommy and Daddy helped him hold it. He liked holding them and wasn’t so sure about putting them in the bucket but eventually got down the routine. Around 1 we went to the Church of the Christ Eggstravaganza.

They had a big slide which he loved

and a train ride which he didn’t.

Aunt Allison got the pleasure of taking that little ride. The driver was whipping them around like it was rollercoaster. Mommy was very happy to miss out on that fun time. We were so involved in the big slide that we almost missed the small kid egg hunt…Kaden did manage to get a few “chalk eggs” as we call them. He happily opened it by himself and munched away while we tried to encourage him to pick up more. Oh, well!

After a quick trip to the park and a visit to a family friends birthday party we headed home for a much needed nap! Daddy joined Kaden in napping, while I went shopping with Allison. Big sale at Dillard’s.
We concluded the day with a family dinner for Allison’s birthday. Kaden ate lots of broccoli cheese casserole…until the second helping was a little hot, this kid doesn’t like hot food. He played with Uncle Brent, Aunt Kris and the rest of the gang and entertained us all with a viewing of “Boo!” (Blue’s Clues). After another while of refusing to go to sleep, I joined him for a serenade and he finally went to sleep.

We went to the early service with mom (8:15). Kaden looked precious in his little vest and tie. He was a good boy in the nursery and got lots of compliments on his new outfit. After a quick nap we went my cousins’ house for another egg hunt and a big lunch. Kaden discovered his new favorite toy. The trampoline. He had a great time jumping and being flipped by daddy! For his third and final hunt of the year he did much better. He would pick them up and drop them carefully into the basket. He should be a pro next year. We finally returned home around 7:30 on Sunday. Kaden went to bed early and Mommy and Daddy collapsed. It was fun weekend but boy was it busy!

Mommy's cousins!

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The Cochran Fam said...

The same thing happened to our garage door! TWICE!! Once on July 4th so it stayed that way all day and our house looked ghetto and again on a Friday afternoon, a few days before we were leaving town for a week for Christmas! We finally found someone who could come fix it before we were to leave. Like yours, ours is also very quiet and smooth now.