Monday, March 3, 2008

Hoppy Easter


You would nver guess by looking at this angelic face that for the majority of the shoot Kaden was attempting to escape! He kept ooching forward on the table trying to get away from the cudly fur ball that he was dying to look at every 5 seconds while we were waiting. The moment it came near him he starting screaming no and scooting away from it. Hence the basket.... It is truly amazing how a child can want something so badly and then when he gets it wants nothing to do with it...hmmm maybe it's not just children.
Anyway we had a fun filled day at Northpark mall and did manage to capture a cute pose. Luckily we weren't five minutes earlier because the people in front of us had to reshoot...after the kids were already changed...oops. We met up with Hannah and Courtney who also got some adorable shots. Kaden had nothing but love and kisses for Ms. Hannah. When asked if she was his girlfriend we got a resounding "Yeah!"
We had a fun day and Kaden actually ate 3 full was a big day indeed! Hope you enjoy the shot and if you get the chance stop by North Park and take your own Hoppy Picture!
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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that outfit is so adorable!!!

megrynders said...

He is the sweet cutest most handsome boy ever!! He was even more adorable in person!!

Diana Richards said...

Super cute...can't beleive that he has grown so much in a year. What a cutie!