Friday, February 29, 2008

Before I was a Mom I never….

- Would have thought that in a pinch, a hand and a pair of jeans makes a nice Kleenex substitute.

-Enjoyed the sound of a belly laugh so much

-Would have thought bumping heads was funny…hilarious actually If you ask Kaden.

-Would think that string cheese, goldfish crackers, raisins and oranges constituted a meal.

-Let Molly be in charge of floor clean-up. Sometimes even baby face clean-up.

-Would have thought it would be fun to watch someone sleep... especially since I don’t like to be watched.

-Would have thought having your diaper changed was such a big deal that it required rolling, screaming and fighting until I give the 1,2,3 count and spank.

-Would have thought scrambled eggs and yogurt was a tasty combo...well at least Kaden likes it.

-Knew that “cookie” was a term used to refer to most foods.

-Would have gone to work with a handprint of a variety of things on my shoulder and then not notice until much later.

-Knew that a snotty, slobbery kiss could be so sweet!

-Would have thought I could clean up a pile of vomit from the booth and continue my meal at a restaurant.

- Carried a backpack everywhere I go.

-Thought I would have to headlock a child to get them to take medicine or brush their teeth.

-Always requested a booth so that my child would have some where to stand in the event of a highchair melt down.

-Was pooped, peed, thrown-up on by someone and then kept hanging out with them (except Scott)

-Realized just how much fun dogs were

-Heard the word “no” so many times!

But Most of all…I never

-Knew how much fun it is to be a Mom!

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