Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hugs and Kisses

To all you loves who:

A. Have planned for weeks and spent a small fortune on jewelry, flowers and candy.
B. Remembered last week and ordered flowers to be delivered to work.
C. Remembered on Monday and overnighted that special gift to yourself to give today.
d. Remembered last night at 7:30 that 365 days wasn't enough time for you to plan so you were scrounging at CVS at 8:00pm looking for the perfect card and the least shrivled rose. (Yeah, I saw you)
e. Yes, even those unfortunate ones who bought the giant stuffed animal..... well better luck next year.... (no offense)
f. you don't celebrate Valentines Day in leu of celebrating that Special Day that you had your first date (March 12th will be 9 years!)


or as some call it

Singles Awareness Day!

Either way know we love you!


Anonymous said...

You guys are way too creative...can you please share just a little with those of us that don't have a creative bone in our bodies? Randa

megrynders said...

This is soo cute! I love you guys! That is the most precious CUPID I have ever seen! Aunt Sissy