Friday, February 22, 2008


Well I have today officially become somewhat of a celebrity. After a lengthy application (ok one page) and rigorous training (ok a 4 hour class) I, today, stand before you (ok sit at my keyboard) as a servant of the great state of Texas, a witness to all people, and most of all I can officially charge for my autograph (a whole $6…... retirement is getting ever nearer with this dramatic increase in salary) I am a NOTARY PUBLIC! (Applause and cheers)

I know the pic is bad...don't want anyoen trying to duplicat emy stamp now do I!

Ok so before I actually became one it seemed so much more prestigious. Basically if you send a check and haven’t had any felonies you are in like Flynn. You can be sued though so keep that in mind before you start throwing your signature around. I recommend the training by Ol’ Jack. He was informative and he even told us about his cornea transplant. Creepy!

Anyway the irony of all this is that in order to be official you have to send in your application, be appointed, get your stamp and certificate and then get it, what else, notarized. After avoiding this for two weeks I finally went, it took all of 2 minutes, and got my certificate notarized. I have always hated searching for a notary and thought becoming one would be great. Don’t worry, I can’t notarize my own things…good for identity theft.. bad for me. There are literally thousands of them, yet, I can never seem to find one in a timely manner. Anyone else have this problem??

Well if you have a paper in need of a stamp and a signature you know where to find me and if you don’t well leave me a comment asking where you can acquire my services and we will see what we can do.

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