Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sweet 16


Two years ago yesterday Daddy and I found out we were going to have you. I tried to surprise Daddy with a card but he of course asked before I could give him the card and by my face he knew I was pregnant. We kept it secret for about 2 days before we started telling family. We were so excited and everyone else was too. We gave your Grandparents and Aunts cards from you on Valentines Day and they were so excited. It is hard to believe that you are already so big. I am so happy that you are growing up happy and healthy but it sometimes makes me sad that it has gone so fast.

You love to make animal noises! You have down monkey, elephant, lion, tiger, bear, dog and cat. Most of the time you get duck. You are even getting good at spotting them every where, in books, on shelves, even on buildings. Everyone is so impressed with your silly noises.

You love to talk. You jabber all day! We don't understand all of it but you can make your demands known pretty well. You even started singing a little. You Sing "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah." and "la, la la" it is so much fun to hear you communicating.

You still love to read! Anything with animals or cars is your favorite. I love it when you bring me a book and want to read. You even try to sit on my lap when I am in the restroom. Silly boy, patience isn't so good yet.

You have definetly developed a little personality. You use "No" correctly and sometimes say it just to say it. You do sometimes lay on the floor and start to throw a fit but we nip that in the bud pretty quick! You have gotten a few spanks but will usually straighten up when you hear us count "1!"

You still love cheese, fruit, eggs and bread. We try to sneka in protein where ever possible but most meals end with "Cookie?" Luckily we can still convince you cometimes that peanut butter crackers are cookies. At least you get some protein.

You love to climb up on the chairs and the ottoman and one of your favorite games is to climb on the ottoman and then jump into our arms. The slide is still a favorite toy and you have learned to launch your toys down it nicely.

You love to look at pictures and name the people in them. You can identify your family and of course "BOBo" and Molly. The digital picture frame can keep you entertained for hours.

Molly is your favorite thing of all. You always want to kiss and hug her....sometimes she even let's you. I think it is because of your secret conspiracy to share at least part of your food with her at all times.

Night time is some of my favorite times. You love to take baths, especially now that we fill the tub up higher. You love to splash and fillup your bucket with water. Mommy and Daddy end up getting a bit of a bath also but it is fun. Getting out isn't your favorite thing but you do enjoy putting on an animal towel. Next is lotion and jammie time. You prefer to sit in my lap while we do this instead of laying down. Afraid to miss something I guess. Then we read, take vitamins and brush your teeth. You still aren't a fan of this but you are getting better. Then my favorite part. We go in your room, you snuggle on my shoulder while I sing to you. Then right after "Sanctuary" I ask for a kiss, you turn your little head towards me and give me a big kiss. It is so sweet. You will still sometimes fuss a little but it is usually less that 5 minutes. When I check on you you are usually crashed, sprawled across the bed or curled in a ball in the corner with your booty in the air. So cute!

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of our big 16 month old boy. We can't wait to watch you continue to grow and develop. You are so special and loved by so many people.


Mommy and Daddy

My Daddy did this. Isn't it fun! Be on the look Out for his website where he will gladly design one for you too!

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megrynders said...

Aunt Sissy loves Kaden! You are the best, sweetest, cutest, most wonderful nephew I could ever ask for!! There's nothing better than having you say "Hi sissy" and then you give me a sweet kiss!