Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well it is day 3 of the cleanse. Many of you are probably asking yourselves why would someone submit themselves to such torture. My answer to you is….I have no freaking’ idea! I am starving!

Ok, not really. There are health benefits. It will free our bodies of toxins and of course the biggest reason is to allow for weight lose. Of course eating like a rabbit for 3 weeks would do that for anyone!
Our basic routine is this
Gag down… I mean …drink protein shake (banana makes it tolerable)
Choke down 10…yes 10 supplements…this is the worst. They smell and taste like grass and hay. I have yet to take them without gagging. Fun right.
Salad with as many veggies as I can fit in the Tupperware.
A few teaspoons of balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dressing. (Ranch…oh, how I miss thee!)
Water (At least 8 glasses a day) this by the way is a lot of fun. Considering the women’s restroom requires me to climb a flight of stairs. This should also help with weight loss ;)
Afternoon snack
Gag down 10 more supplements and more water!
Maybe some veggie sticks or fruit…if I remember to pack it in my lunch..otherwise… too bad starve!

Today I was eating a grapefruit…gone too soon I picked it up to drink the juice and this happened!

We have been rather creative with this meal. Portobella mushrooms have been our life source and substitute for meat. Though we are getting tired of them so please provide other types of substitute veggies if you know of any.
Sunday: Mushroom, onions sautéed with sweet potato side
Mon- Spaghetti Squash with marinara and grilled leeks
Tues- Portobello mushroom burgers on cabbage leaf buns with veggie chips and guacamole! Yes….God has truly blessed us with the avocado!
Wed- butternut squash, onion and tomatoes. Saw the recipe on Biggest Loser only they added chicken…ahhh.. poultry! *tear*

After dinner we get another delicious shake and before bed 10 more grass capsules.
Don’t worry the number of capsules cuts back next week..To 21 a day….whew what a relief!

So to recap no dairy, no meat but unlimited veggies….try not to be jealous.

All this to say, we are surviving though I never knew I would miss meat so much. It is truly delicious.

Hopefully in the end it will all be worth it
To matter matters worse I am in charge of picking up Cantina Laredo chips, queso, tacos and quesadillas this afternoon. AHHH! If you hear on the news about a crazy lady who tore through a bag of food in the downtown Cantina Laredo.. It wasn’t me…hopefully!

Day 3
18 days left
Will report on weight tomorrow.. Our scale batteries are dead so will weight at the gym tonight!


The Cochran Fam said...

Wow! That is some kind of plan. I doubt I could ever do it. How did you find out about such thing? My suggestion is eggplant. They say it's a "meaty" veggie - you could try it with marinara. Good luck -you can do it!!!

alicia hart said...

WOW!! i am excited to hear how it goes!!! isn't butternut squash kinda like noodles on the inside and you can make it into a kind of pasta. ???? i feel like i've heard that before. ???

The Rhodes' said...

Ally.... you are thinking of spaghetti is good. We had butternut last night..quite good really!
Jen...We have discussed the eggplant option also. We will give it a try. We got the plan through our chiropractor.

megrynders said...

I would like to say that I have lost an equal amount of weight by being I haven't had to eat any leeks! (I'm not even sure what leeks are!) I'm proud of you guys I certainly couldn't take 30 pills a day and eat no bread or cheese! LOL. Love you!