Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Bug

Well I have had an exciting weekend. Things started out normally on Friday. I woke up got dressed and got Kaden ready..being that it was my last opportunity for Chick-fil-a before I started my cleanse, more on this later, I decided to take little man to chick-fil-a. We arrived and I got Kaden some chicken-minis usually he loves them..especially cold..gross I know..but he was completely uninterested. When I arrived and Joyce's to unload him, he was covered in vomit...fantastic. I tell Joyce we are heading back home an take off. When we pull in the drive, Jon is still home. His truck will not go out of park. So he takes my car and I head in for bath #1. It is rather chilly so I dress Kaden in outfit #2 and we settle down to watch Little Einsteins. Very cute show by the way. thanks Melynda for introducing us to it. After nearly 2 hours of sitting still and cuddling I know he is really not feeling well. Around 10 I start to pu thim down for a nap . As I am rocking him I hear the dreaded gaggin sound and feel wet on my shoulder. We run to the sink and manage to catch most of the rest in the sink. I strip off his clothes and my shirt. Clean him up and we rock for a little while longer. He seems to feel a little better so he goes down for a nap..a 4 hour nap! Jon comes home and I plan to go to work but his truck still isn't working and I am afraid that Kaden may need to go to the doctor so I don't want to leave them with no car. Several hours later after a blessed man that owns a repair shop behind us comes to our house and fixes the car. Turns out to be an unplugged wire and not the transmission..Thank you God! By this time Kaden is up and I stupidly give him not only milk but also yogurt...faithful readers milk on an upset stomache is the worst thing...don't know what I was thinking! About 30 minutes later it all comes up..mostly on Daddy..but also in the kitchen sink and again allover Kaden's 3rd outfit. We clean it up. Daddy changes and Kaden sits in the chair to watch Sponge Bob for a while. This is great as it gives me a chance to start washing the puked on clothing. Things go great for about an hour. Jon has dozed off Kaden is in a trance like state about to doze off when suddenly Jon wakes up smelling something and Kaden starts shifting around uncomfortably. You guessed it..Diarrhea!Again mostly on Jon. Bath #2, Outfit #2 for Daddy and this time..just a diaper for Kaden. Pedialyte is now flowing and Kaden seems to be doing better.There is now nothing left in his stomach. We make it through the night with no more puking and keep down some pedialyte and crackers. All in all it was 2 outfits for Mommy, 3 for Daddy and 3 for Kaden. The rest of the weekend went well..Jon and I went on a date last night for the first time since the first of January..... until this morning when Jon came down with the bug. 2 more diarrhea's from Kaden and I still have to go up to work to finish some stuff before tomorrow. Oh what fun!

The cleanse
Starting today for me and probably tomorrow for Jon.we are doing a cleanse. We will be taking supplements, drinking shakes and eating vegetables for the next three weeks. It should not only help with weight loss but should also increase our energy and overall health. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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Diana Richards said...

Oh my dear friend, I am so so sorry! There are few things worse than puking babies, I think, especially after milk and yogurt...found that out myself the hard way, too. I hope you escape the bug, and everyone gets to feeling better soon! Take care!