Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Quips

Kaden is talking more and more everyday. It is crazy to think that a few months ago he was pointing and grunting. Here are a few cute random stories.

After being in Abilene for Easter weekend Kaden’s schedule was ever so slightly off. We arrived home around 7:30 on Sunday, gave him a bath and then put him to bed. He fussed for a while and we were watching him on the monitor. Pretty soon he was throwing a big fit for a while when he just sat down defiantly in his bed. Now he had eaten some French toast on the way home and when I offered dinner he refused. So at this point I didn’t know if he was hungry or what. I didn’t know whether or not to go in because after sleeping in the same room with us for the weekend, he was starting to get in a routine of waking in the middle of the night. Then I notice he didn’t have a blanket. Now he doesn’t have a particular blanket that he sleeps with. We have made sure that he didn’t get attached to any certain one, but he likes to have a blanket. Mostly he wads it underneath of himself, doesn’t quite understand the cover up concept yet.
Anyway as we were debating whether he was hungry or missing his blanket we hear a direct response from the Munchkin. Sitting defiantly straight up in bed we hear one of his new favorite words “Cold…cold!” (pronounced “code”) needless to say we couldn’t resist, he got a blanket and a Danimals drinkable yogurt. (these are awesome by the way) After receiving both he went straight to sleep. This boy knows what he wants.

After getting dressed yesterday morning Kaden was walking around playing of course with Elmo. He walked over and put him on his dump truck. Then he looked at me and said “Elmo, ridin!” So cute!

Before bed we usually read some books. Last night Kaden pulled out his Eric Carle alphabet book. Curious to see if he was retaining any information I pointed to the first page and he said “A!’ (Please imagine this being said in a thick Texas accent. So cute!) I pointed to the next and he said “B!” (again cute accent)
Then I pointed to the c…he say “Car!” (another favorite word)
Impressed I asked “no, what letter?” he says “Cookie!”
Ok, we know these were most likely lucky guesses but impressive none the less!

Another phrase we hear these days is “Outide!Outide! (Outside)” This boy loves playing outside! This is quickly followed by “Unt ide! (Want ride)” This is usually in reference to either his “Way (Wagon) or his four wheeler. He doesn’t have a word for it yet just points mostly.

Much like his mommy, he loves to get the mail. He excitedly walks to the mail box with me when we get home. He then holds out his arms to receive and carry it inside.

On the way to Abilene he was getting tired…since we didn’t arrive until nearly 9. I worked early everyday to allow us to leave early. As we pulled out of the driveway at 3:30..the garage door broke. So 2 ½ hours and $150 later we finally headed out. Good news is our garage door now opens very quietly. He was trying to keep himself awake by any means possible. Including shaking his head, babbling, etc. Finally he started saying “Mama!” over and over. When I would ask him what I wanted he would just giggle. We now play this game with him by calling his name until he says ”yeah?” then we say “never mind”. He thinks it’s hilarious. Someday we will probably regret teaching him this game but it is so funny to watch his sense of humor develop
He is also expanding his palette.... to purple crayons. yum!


megrynders said...

Well I'm going to go ahead and proclaim that sweet Kaden is a genius..even if he does eat crayons! He is soo sweet and smart and he knew the letters when I read him that book the other day too!! Must take after his aunt! hehe

Josh and Laura said...

Ahhh...those were such cute stories! He is so fun! :)

alicia hart said...

so many cute stories. it makes me want to have a baby of my own!!! NOT. :) :) :)

Poefam said...

How great are little boys!?!? ... You will love having a video to remember this sweet time! I feel that we will watch it for years to come...and, I told Matt that he's set the bar pretty high? I want him to do it every year, but we'll see! ... It was great to see you and pics of your family! Kaden is too cute!