Thursday, March 13, 2008

17-17th month Kadenisms!

1. Kaden was so funny this morning. He had on his monkey pajamas so of course he was telling me what they say “ee Ee”. I noticed the pants had bananas on them so I asked him what monkeys eat, showing him the shorts. I was thinking he would pick up on the “Nana’s” but he ok course said “cookies?” I am telling you he can’t stop thinking about them!

2. If I sing “How much is that Doggie in the window? He will fill in appropriate “arf, arfs” so cute! I am working on getting it on film.

3. Typical conversation:
Kaden do you want to play
Do you want juice?
Do you want to read?
Do you want a million dollars?”
You want a cookie?

4. He associates Allison’s dog (Hallie AKA Bobo ) with panting because she is always chasing him. If you ask him what Molly says he say “arf!” But If you ask him what Hallie says he say “huh huh” (I don’t know how to type a panting noise). Anyway he of course associates Hallie with Allison so if you say Aunt Allison is coming over, or if he sees her, he will pant. We think it is funny; Allison would like him to go back to calling her “Ason”.

5. Another cookie story. Kaden had to get his ears cleaned a few weeks ago because they were trying to check the ear drum for infection and his right ear had a lot of gunk. He, of course, was screaming bloody murder as the doc held him down,( He hates being restrained!) amongst the screams I heard a very audible “Mama, Dada…..cookie!”

6. His new favorite animal name he can say Is Hippo pronounced “Ippo, Ippo!”

7. He finally knows what cows say. We worked on this for weeks coming home from Ms. Joyce’s house; there are usually a few out. Last week I asked what does the cow say and he said “Moow!” So cute!

8. He now insists on feeding himself. Which I must say is nice! He is getting really good with a spoon!

9. Whenever Jon and/or I put him down at night we usually sing him a few songs. If he is really fighting, it he will start yammering nonsense every time I start to sing. It can’t be that he is not enjoying it…right?

10. He loves to bump heads, he says”bonk!” he thinks it is hilarious but I must say he bonks hard!

11. He throws away his own diapers…most of the time. He had a stinky one the other day; it was in a bag, which he insisted on carrying around the living room for several minutes. When Jon finally took it away, he cried! Can you imagine?

12. He can tell just by looking whether you are handing him juice or milk. Amazing since the cups aren’t’ see through but somehow he knows if I am trying to slip him milk when he wants juice. He doesn’t even have to taste it. It is amazing really…ESP maybe?

13. When we leave we usually say “Bye, Molly”. The other morning we were leaving. He walked through the door, stopped, turned around and said “bye bye, Molly”. It is amazing what they pick up on!

14. At Rio Mambo the other night, awesome brisket tacos by the way, he saw me dip my chip in hot sauce before eating it. He then refused to eat his chip unless he got to dip too. You can guess the look on his face. Though not as funny as when he decided to bite into the lemon from Jon’s tea. ;P

15. He loves to ride the vacuum. It is funny!

16. Two weekends ago we went with Courtney and her little girl Hannah to get pictures taken. He was kissing all over Hannah, she is 7 months. Now if you ask him “Is Hannah your girlfriend?” He says “Yeah!”……. I think we are in trouble!

And finally….
17. He is obsessed with dragging shoes, his and ours, all over the house! It is amazing I can still find pairs!


megrynders said...

That was the perfect list!! Hands down of all the wonderful cute things he does, my absolute favorite thing he does that puts a smile on my face every time is when he pants like a dog when ever you mention Allison or Hallie aka Bobo. It is PRICELESS!! For number 17a. He also give wonderful sweet kisses!

Anonymous said...

re: 16

Hannah has been informed that she will not be dating until she is 28. So, if Kaden can wait that long, its all good.