Friday, March 7, 2008

Chapter 3: Growing Friendship (sorry this is a long one)

*** I have had requests for pictures, I will do my best to drag some out and get them scanned and added ASAP!*****

January started off about the same. Jon was still “flirting” and I was still annoyed. Towards the end of the month the rehearsals for senior musical, Guys and Dolls, began. I tried out for a small part, mission band…hey I got to crash Cymbals, who does dream of getting to do that, and Jon was, naturally, playing one of the main characters, Big Jule…. I often teased about only wanting the part because his lines always get a laugh….attention grabber! Because I was not in the VIP character list we often didn’t have rehearsals together but we did discover that we had more common friends than we thought.

Turns out his new, well behaved, God fearing friends were people that I had gone to elementary school with, then he went to middle school with them and now we were all at the same school. It was fun reconnecting with these old acquaintances and it gave Jon and I more time to get to know each other. He always managed to track me down to sit next to me when we had a break in rehearsal and one night he must have been desperate because he asked to copy my notes from A&P, I should have known it was a ploy to hang out but he came over to my house. BTW…he also took this opportunity to let me know that he already had a prom date, a friend of his that they had decided to go together since neither was dating anyone. Really encouraging, huh. After hearing this I decided it was silly to pursue the relationship because we were both planning on going to different school, him A&M and me Baylor. I did let him come over and copy my notes, but he sat in a rocking chair while I sat on my bed and paid more attention to my favorite show,….er…can’t help it I still love it! We did chat some but I was still not sure, also I still didn’t know he liked me. I just thought he was using me for my notes.

The musical practice continued and we chatted and hung out. Every time a scene would end he would appear. I somewhat began thinking that he liked me but wasn’t sure enough to come out and ask. The last week of the show Jon’s good friend Jason started asking me constantly “Do you like Jon? Will you go out with Jon?” I was again annoyed thinking what are we 5? I finally told him “If Jon wants to ask me out, he is going to have to do it himself!” The show was over and I figured we wouldn’t see each other no more than at our A&P classes. I was wrong.

He started spending his office worker period hanging out with me in the yearbook office; I was yearbook editor so I had an extra period of yearbook at the same time he was “working” for the speech department. By this time we were at least friends and when he told me he had Chili’s gift card and asked if I wanted to go to lunch I said sure… He will tell you this was a date…I just thought it was free lunch. Never the less, when we returned to the cafeteria people noticed. I went to my band nerd table and he went back to his cool kid table. Everyone was asking “Did you go to lunch with him?” I acted like nothing was weird and said yeah. By this time, Jon was also walking me to my class after A&P. He had an off period, but would walk me to Government every day.

The following Tuesday I was sitting at home at 8:00, already in my pajamas, talking to Meghan on IM, she was at Baylor by now... The phone rings and I see Jon’s name come up. I am shocked and considered not answering it but I did. Little did I know it would be the call that would change my life. He asked what I was doing and of course not wanting him to know that I was in my pj’s and seriously considering hitting the hay soon, I just said playing oh nothing, playing on the computer. Eh then asks if I want to get a slush from Sonic. Now in the bustling town of Abilene this is one of the few “hang out places”. I was usually in bed by 9 and couldn’t imagine what kind of people go to Sonic at 8 PM but I said sure. From the moment he picked me up I don’t’ think I took my hand off of the door handle, at first I didn’t notice I was doing it and then I kept it there just in case I needed to escape. I figured we were literally just going to get a drink and be done but then after we ordered he turned the car off and then the radio. I was dreading having to come up with conversation and I was assuming, after my discussion with Jason, that he would be asking me out soon. We sat there for about 40 minutes, no mention of a date; I figure he had chickened out. I think my knuckles were white from gripping the door handle and my hip hurt from jamming into the door. I was trying to stay as far away as possible. I knew what boys want, I had seen every after school special out there ;)

As we start to head back home Jon starts to talk about Jason and his girlfriend at the time. He says “they want to go out dinner on Friday, do you want to go?” I had barely said “sure” when he immediately turned his attention to a car being pulled over. “Sucks to be them!” he said. He never said anything else about the date. To me that is…..To be continued.
Chapter 4….The First Date


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