Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chapter 5 ……I Want to Hold Your Hand!

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We were officially a couple which generally consisted of us hanging out as a group with various friends. I don’t think we had our 2nd official date until June! Anyway we had been dating about a month when P, Jason’s girlfriend at the time, starting asking me if we had held hands. Having little, ok no, experience in this department I was unaware that we were tragically behind on this next step in our relationship.

We had come close a few times..

Like when we were at the Easter Pageant for Pioneer Drive. All night we both kept our hands on our knees beside each other. I kept waiting for him to grab it but he never did, chicken…we still joke about this today!

After this P made sure to talk to Jon that he needed to get on with it and hold me hand already. It was almost Easter, a month and a half after our 1st date. Jon came over to bring me my Easter present, The Rugrats movie and a Chuckie (From Rugrats) balloon. I had a healthy obsession with the Rugrats! Funny show! My little cousins were visiting and we were swinging on the porch swing. We were going kind of high and when I reached out to grab my cousin who was in front of us, Jon reached out and grabbed my hand. Cheesy right..but I was like finally! That same night he put his arm around me while watching Rugrats…how romantic!

BTW……We did go to Prom together….and that’s not all…

2 weeks before prom Jon informed me that his current date had told him to go ahead and go with me since we were now dating. I was so excited but then I found out later that he kind of dumped her at the last minute. Oops! Turns out she told him it was ok but he had better marry me! Well looks like it worked out!

Prom plan 2 was in full swing. Our original dinner destination fell through and we were now having dinner at a friend of my mom’s house. There were about 12 couples planning to come over for pictures and catered dinner. I was excited to have my dress ready and even found matching hair clips! Wednesday before prom I got the best news of my life, to that point. Jon called about 9:30 pm., I was, of course, asleep, and told me that due to turning in his paperwork late he had not been accepted to A&M. he was of course upset but it became blatantly obvious to me at this point that God was calling the shots and he wanted us together. It was great to know that we would be following similar…if I hadn’t already mentioned, Jon’s 2nd choice, where he had already been accepted, was Baylor!

Almost time to go home so more tomorrow!

Chapter 6 First Kiss

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