Thursday, April 10, 2008

18 Months of Amazing!

Where did the last year and a half go? I never dreamed it would go so fast! Here are Kaden's latest and greatest feats!
1. Lots of new words including, wader (water), unt more (want more), Hallie, Bubba, out-ide (outside), un ride (I want to ride), Up, Peeze, Ank you, Down, Ear go (here you go)

2. Eating great! loves mac n cheese, ham, turkey dogs, cottage cheese, yogurt, bread, pizza.etc. so nice to finally have him eating.

3. Feeds himself regularly with a spoon. He does a great job too.

4. Likes to "draw". Recently I got him those crayola buddies, greatness. He especially likes to have his hand traced. He seems to favor the blue crayon.

5. Loves to be outside! Running, ridin', it doesn't matter he loves it all!

6. Getting really good at animal noises, names. Perhaps he will be a zoologist. Visited the zoo for the 3rd time.

7. If we are playing and going to run to each other or Jon is going to bounce him on the bed and we are counting to three...he will now count to three or just yell 3! in hopes of hurrying us along!

8. When you ask him a question he will say "ummmm...yeah!" It is so cute!

9. Got to spend lots of time with Grandparents last month! They all hated that as I am sure you can imagine ;)

10. Loves to carry in the mail, he is truly a boy after my own heart.

11. Still loves his bath..most of the time. though he definitely let's us know if the water is too "code".

12. Before he gets in the bath he likes to sit on his "potty". With the lid down though..could be a problem but we will get there.

13. Loves to drink tea. What proper Texan doesn't?

14. Loves to watch Bu (Blue's Clues)

15. Has a new friend named Canon David Adams. Pics to come soon!

16.Loves to be flipped

17. Will point to a chair etc. and say. "sit!"

18. has had more pictures taken of them than can be counted. Thank goodness for digital photography or we would be broke! Enjoy this slide show of 18 months of our little Blessing!


megrynders said...

How did his LOVE and OBSESSION with E-L-M-O get left off this list..hehe! What a wonderful smart handsome sweet boy he is! I can't believe it has already been 18 months that we have been blessed to have him in our lives! His Aunt Sissy or as he calls me "ISSY" sure does love him!

megrynders said...

P.S- Happy 18th Month Birthday Sweet Boy, Aunt Issy loves you and I cherish all the time we get to spend together!

Diana Richards said...

Seriously, where does this time go. That baby in the picture is cute...who is he??? I can't believe how big they are getting every day. It is absolutely crazy! Give that boy a hug for me!