Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let’s go fly a kite

As a young child I loved flying kites. There is nothing quite like a windy day in west Texas for kite flying. It is truly the perfect way to get a nice rope burn as the 100 mph winds grab your treasured plastic and wood kite and fly it high into the air. Just as the card board spool reaches the end, it was always a challenge to hold the string as you desperately tried to tie the end of the cheap frayed string to your cardboard tube.

None of this fun compared to joy of the wind suddenly dying and having to wind in 80 feet of cheap string as your kite sits delicately balanced atop the neighbor’s roof.
I truly loved flying kits despite the muscle strains and rope burn. So I decided to share this joy with Kaden.

At first he wasn’t so sure about it but then he quickly realized that it was great fun to let go of, the fancier, plastic handle that his had and watch it fly away. Don’t worry we only had it a few feet off of the ground. He would then take off in a full run to try to catch it. He had a great time and we had fun watching him.

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megrynders said...

I love the pics!! I too am a huge fan of kite flying! Mine was always pink with hearts on it...I also enjoyed going to the park and running through patches of stickers to get to my downed kite! hehe