Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Pranks! *UPDATED*

ok, so this is a rather silly and obscure holiday but a time for some fun.
I can't remember pulling off any truly fabulous April Fool's jokes. This morning I made Jon jump when I told him it was 7 and it was really only 6:30. You should have seen his face....he he! Here are a few my sister and or Jon did or experienced that still make me laugh.

-Her freshman year at college she lived in the dorms. We had community showers, gross right? Well she and her buddies decided to go and steal all of the shower curtains from the floor above them. I bet there were a bunch of smelly girls that day in class.

-My favorite! One of Meg's friends decided it would be funny to get all of his friends with the same joke. He went and bought Old English letters to spell out their last names and he plastered them across their back windshields. Now remember these were all typical Baylor students in their SUV's. Hillarious!

-I would like to start this one by saying...boys are gross. In the dorms at Baylor the doors had vents cut into them. One of the guys unscrewed the outside vent, did his business inside and then screwed it back on. Needless to say the occupant of that room got a rude awakening as the air blew through there all day long.

-Another boy in Jon's dorm filled a 20 gallon trash can with water and leaned it against the door...which opened in..you can imagine what happened!

If you have a truly funny joke you have pulled off, please share it here! I do enjoy a good April fool Prank, unless it is done to me! ;)

Yesterday one of Jon's students said her dad came in to wake her up becuase it was 30 minutes past the time that she normally wakes up. She woke up in a panic and jumped in the shower. When she came out she caught sight of another clock. She saw that her dad had tricked her... It was really 4:30 AM! How mean is that??


The Cochran Fam said...

I'm laughing OUT LOUD!!! I love the one about the letters!!

Diana Richards said...

Best I got is calling my mom and telling her I was okay, but just had a horrible car accident. She flipped out, then flipped me off when she found out it was a joke! (just kidding mom...you would never...or would you?!?!) :)

amy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Y'all's little boy is SO SO cute!!