Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wild Weekend!

With Daddy away in Vegas for the week, Kaden and I needed some fun too. We went to Raiforest Cafe with Sissy, Melynda, her mom, and Zach.
My normally fearless boy was not so fearless.
While Zach pointed out Dory in the fish tank

Kaden was balled up in fear in Sissy's lap

He and I walked out early and located this buggy for our walk to the other side of Grapevine Mills. It was a lifesaver!

The boys all got to ride the carousel while Mommy took pictures. I don't so much like going in circle in case you didn't know! It was Zach's first time on one, I didn't know sorry Diana! They all had a great time! Kaden liked it much more than the one he rode last!

Sissy and Zach

Sissy, Zach, Melynda and Kaden

Jordan and His Nana

Each boy got a new friend. Nemo for Kaden, Cha Cha for Zach and Jordan

Now it was time to head to Chick-Fil-a for some ice cream and play time!

Spider Kaden and Spider Jordan!

Silly boys! It is so much fun to watch them play! I hope they stay friends for a long time!

We got home at 9:45! Party animals right! Zach's Mommy and Daddy were cool with it though!

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