Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am not going to lie my son is fearless when it comes to water. This child LOVES water and just because he is only a couple feet tall doesn't mean he isn't going to head directly to the deep end of the pool.
Just last night he was kicking and splashing around in the deep end, with his fun new floatie suit, of course, without a care. ( Dont' worry Mommy managed to keep her hands on him)

He loves to sit on the side and jump in but his favorite thing is plunge underneath. (Giving Mommy a heartattack) The look of excitement on his face is awesome!

He still hasn't figured out how to close his mouth, so he drinks a lot of water...which later leads to heavy diapers. He doesn't care at all!

It is great and Jon is certain that he has a rollercoaster rider at last!
These are some pictures from Aunt Allison's from a few weeks ago!

BTW... He is much "too big" to wear these floaties now...hence the suit that he is not able to remove the flotation devices from.
Enough pictures, Let's swim!
Swimming to Daddy
Getting some sun

Abercrombie Model in the making

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Diana Richards said...

Just absolutely adorable! Good to know your boys are great at giving you a heart attack! :) Keep you on your toes!