Thursday, June 26, 2008

From the Mouth of Kaden

Here are some of the things we have caught Kaden saying lately. It is so funny to hear him use these phrases!

"more jumping"- Means he wants to jump off the edge into the pool some more. No, he doesn't want anyone to catch him either.

"Puppy shoes"- Refers to the new croc like shoes he got at CVS. The bottom of the pool was tearing up his feet so he wears these now. They have pictures of a dog head on the sides. They are called Doggies.... hence the nickname

"yep"- self explanatory

"See ya."- usually followed with a wave as he walks off

Who wants to ______? He replies "Me!"- so cute!

"Nemo water"- water that si serve din his Nemo cup, usually right before bed.

"Where _____ go?"- used to find someone or something that has left his eyeline.

"I see"- Used when he is looking for something and suddenly finds it!

"Seat!"- used followed by a pat to tell you where he wants you to sit. Especially likes to use when it is time for bed and he wants you to stay in the rocking chair.

"Hannah"- used in refers to girls, pink things, and, of course, pictures of his beloved Hannah!

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Josh and Laura said...

How cute! My favorite is "who wants to ____?" and then he responds to his own question...too funny! I can't wait to see you all again.