Monday, June 16, 2008

My Buddy

Kaden and Zach have been friends, well at least forced to play together, for a while. Like since birth!
These are some pictures from a few weeks ago when Zach got to come over and play!

Practicing our swimming skills!

The ride home. They challenged each other to a juice chugging contest.

Relaxing with some Little Einsteins
Taking turns

Bath time!

Does it get any cuter!

yum snowcones! right before bed...hey we still went to sleep!

Kaden giving Zach one last ride before bed.

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Diana Richards said...

Seriously, those boys are too cute. Looks like Zach got his silly posing from his daddy with all the "lovie dovies" he's doing with Kaden. They are such sweet boys! In for more fun this weekend! :)