Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our computer is still sick but I was able to download some pictures at work of our trip to the aquarium! With the Nemo obsession a trip to the Aquarium was just what the doctor ordered for this fish crazed boy!

PPaw and Sissy came too.

Look I am not doing a donkey kick! Mommy is playing peek a boo with me!

doo doo..doo doo...do do do do! in my diaper! he he

See Mommy was there...she was just being the photograher!

Big Kiss!

Kaden wasn't so sure about this bird, it was a little too close for comfort!

Obviously we weren't that interesting!

Thank goodness Daddy is keeping him from falling in!


My two favorite fauxhawk men! It was quite humid inside.....important to stay hydrated!

Hope you enjoyed the photo tour! You should go for yourself. It is lots of fun!

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