Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pain in the Neck

As some of you know, I have had problems with my back and hip for quite a while. Recently I have been having pains in my neck and shoulder but had chalked it up to more good luck in the joint department. On Monday I started having pain down my right arm and into my hand. I couldn't even hold a pen without wincing in pain. I finally decided to head to the doc in the box since my trusty chiro was out of town. Turns out I am having muscle spasms in my neck that are constricting blood flow causing the pain in my hand. I stayed home on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to ice and take tylenol. At night I get to take the good stuff, though I think I am going to go without it because it seems to make me nauseous! Fun right!
Anyway after torturous massages and rest the pain in my hand is gone, the pain in my neck is still hanging around but is improving marginally due to aforementioned massages....truly are torturous...painful but helpful.......
All that to say here are some cute pics fo Kaden passing the time while waiting at CVS for Mommy's drugs!
All of a sudden he is obsessed with sunglasses. He calls them "eyes!"

Hmmm.....I heard that was a great read

Geez can't a person doing his shopping in peace!
Sweet a delicious chocking hazard!
If there something on my face?
I will take this one!

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randa said... you know I just have to there some strong liking for the Cubs or did the shirt just go with the shorts? Because I am certain that I could find the boy a very nice Rangers shirt in the same shade of blue that would also go nicely with those shorts...