Friday, June 20, 2008

Movie Night in Cowtown

During the Summer in Downtown Fort Worth they show Movies on a big screen in Sundance Square. Last Thursday, Jon and Kaden came and met me to watch Hairspray. It was a lot of fun but next time we are going a little later! They got here around 6. We had dinner at Zippy's an old fashioned diner and then got set up to wait. The movie didn't start until 9! Good thing Kaden had a big nap!

Waiting for the movie to start we took a walk to check out the "big moo cow!"

Kaden gets in the Spirit by re-creating Godzilla

Time for an ice cream treat!

Family portrait. Mommy is kind of cut out but there is actually a smile on Kaden's face! A cute cheerleaderish girl was taking the photo. hmmm....

Kaden with his favorite parents!

Daddy and Kaden checking out the Cows on the wall

He really wanted to take a picture, can you tell?

Coloring like a good boy. We figuredout that by granting Kaden's request to take his shoes off we could actually contain him on the blanket because the asphalt was hot!

The movie wasn't over until 11! Kaden hung in the whole time but quickly fell asleep in the car!

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Diana Richards said...

Fun times! You are lucky to have such a cooperative boy! Those two will be best buds today at Rainforest...Zach has been asking for Kaden all day! He is super excited!