Monday, June 9, 2008

MMMMMMMMM....Big cookie!

On Thursday night, Jon, Allison and Kaden headed to Abilene to visit for the weekend. They got a late start due to Jon checking out of school and got caught in a storm around Clyde. 60 mph winds and the threat of hail prompted them to stop at a convenience store. Where Kaden had his first exposure to powdered sugar donuts at 11pm!

Needless to say he loved them, when he was still awak after midnight Daddy wasn't so much in love with them.

On Saturday Kaden went to Walmart with D and Allison. Upon coming across some of these powdered sugar gems, he almost jumped out fo the cart to get them. D of course bought them for him but said they were for dessert.

After eating his dinner, Allison asked him if he wanted a donut.

She, of course, got an enthusiastic "Yeah!"

She them said "Kaden do you even know what a donut is?"

To which he replied without missing a beat "Big cookie!"

Can't get anything past him!

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Diana Richards said...

mmmmmm...powdered donuts sound yummy!!!