Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's missing???

Do you see what's missing? It looks similar to Kaden's room but there is a big difference???

How about now? do you see it now??

That's right! No Crib! Our big boy has graduated out of the bars and wood of his crib into a bonified big boy bed! We had been thinking about working on this but had some work to do as far as securing the dresser and rearranging the bed.

Kaden was way ahead of us when on Tuesday night he snuggled up on the big bed for his song and prayer. When we tried to put him in the crib we got a "No WAY!"
When asked if he wanted to sleep in the big bed he said "YEAH!"
So we kissed him goodnight and walked out fully expecting some screaming but he laid quietly and went right to sleep. We left him there for a few hours but due to aforementioned problems we moved him into his crib for the rest of the night.

Yesterday Daddy got to work disassembling the crib, rearranging the furniture and setting up Kaden's new big boy room! here he is getting his story read!
He slept all night, with no falls or anything! Nap time is a little trickier but so far so good!
It is so funny to see my little guy in such a big bed! I can't believe he is almost two!

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