Thursday, July 17, 2008

Six Quirks Meme (I have no idea why it is called this)

Here are the rules:
-Link the person(s) who tagged you
-Mention the rules on your blog
-Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
-Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
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And then the spin for this blog is that Jon and I are going to steal Daddio's idea. I will do Jon's quirks , and he's to do mine!
Read over at tagged us for this fun little activity!

I have been thinking hard and I think I have thought of some interesting quirks for your reading enjoyment. I thought of some that didn't meet his approval, so if I want him to be nice to me I must in turn use nice quirks ;)

1. Jon MUST pull the plastic ring off of all plastic bottles. It calls to him like nothing else. He will usually take a few sips to ensure it doesn't spill and then, will pry it off with his teeth. Carefully tearing it into tiny pieces to leave around the house, in his car..... anywhere of course except in the trash can. I started a rule once where he had to pay me a quarter for every piece I found. When the funds became shared this stopped.

2. Jon has a fake tooth in place of where his upper right I tooth should be. When he lost his baby tooth there wasn't a permaneant one. Before he had it put in he had one attached to a retainer. He of course loved to pop it out and freak people out. In reference to #1, I alway stell him if he breaks it chewing plastic rings that I will make him go without it. I always hold my tongue to block my tooth to remind him what he will look like.

3. He used to NEVER have his keys ready to enter the car. It could be 100 degrees, storming and hailing and he still wouldn't get his keys out of his pocket until he reaches the car door. He is getting better...sometimes!

4. He is obsessed with Law and Order. If ever he happens upon an episode, no matter how many times he has seen it before he has to watch it. I know for a fact there is one particular episode that I have seen at least 4 times...and I am not that big of a fan... but no matter what, if it comes on he insists on watching it and swears he hasn't seen it! Even when I quote the plot line, almost complete with dialogue.

5. He almost always refuses to put clothes in the hamper. He will literally lay his clothes on all sides or mere inches from the basket but for some reason there is a disconnect when it comes to actually putting them in the basket. No matter how much begging and pleading I do, I still find pants laying beside instead of in the basket!I keep threatening to take any stray clothes and hide them until he has nothing to wear. Someday when he least expects it I will implement that policy!

Man this is easier than I thought! ;)

6. A quirk yes but a great one to have. I have the world's best husband for many reasons but, after growing up with an older brother, one of his best qualities is his ability to pee with the seat down! No late night swims for me ladies! Even better he has great aim so no constant cleaning needed either! Yes, If any marriage will go the distance it is ours for not having this argument keps things nice and peaceful....

now If I could just improve his aim at the hamper!

I tag Randa, Diana (though I know you are busy birthing right now), Unsinkable Kristin and Courtney!

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