Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July the 4th!

We had a very excitiing long weekend full of friends, food and fun!

It all started on Thursday night at the Southlake Town Center 3rd Celebration. Becky and Sissy joined us for dinner at Copeland's, ice cream and fireworks. The service at dinner was terrible but it did give us 2 hours in the air conditioning instead of the heat.

We had pretty close parking spots and thought exiting would not be a problemMeg was a little further in so we sent her to mov eher car up when we thought the finale was happening. We were a little pre-mature and she ended up watching a lot of the show form her car. However, she got out immeidately. Jon, K and I got stuck behind an icecream truck and even though we were 2 spots form the exit, we ended up waiting almost an hour to get out! Crazy! Luckily we ran into our small group leaders who not only let us out in front of them but also helped direct traffic. Way to go Darla! An hour and a half after the show was over we got home. I didn't have my camera, we will have to get them from Si1ssy

On Friday Meg and I went to visit new baby Noah Brown. Nephew of Not so Eventful Diana! He is a cutie and we will definetly have to hang out more!

After Kaden's nap we went to the Alban's house.

We played Wii until our hands were sore and Kaden and Hannah had a great time too!

Except when they were trying to decide who got to sit in the chair!

Hannah informing Kaden that he has crossed the line!

Enjoying some dinner! silly kids!

Then time for everyone's favorite game!


Kaden "helping" Hannah

All in all it was a great time. We watched fireworks from the backyard, no traffic! Kaden even went to sleep on Courtney and Dusitn's bed so we could hang out longer!

Saturday night was filled with more Wii, food and fun with the Hightower's. We were too busy rocking out to Rock Band to take pictures but we had a lot of fun. The boys played and watched movies while we chatted, ate and had some friendly competition.

Happy birthday America! We need a nap!

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