Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Some of you know I am a bit accident prone....but yesterday was ridiculous! The day started out normally. I slept in instead of fighting my way through a bunch of junk to get to the treadmill. I put on my new shoes and headed off to work.

These shoes are very exciting because I have literally been searching for months for new brown shoes. All you size 6-8 shoe wearers don't understand but to find something in my size that minimizes the size of these clod hoppers is much harder than it seems. I know there are many other large feet women out there. So why is it that they only seem to get 1 or 2 pairs of size 10 shoes in each style? They must always be the first ones bought because they are NEVER found on the clearance rack. Exept for the nine inch heels that could double as an ice pick. Why do designers not realize that people wearing a size ten probably need little to no heel! The second problem is that I refuse to pay a lot for shoes. I just can't do it.

Anyway the shoes were great except it seemed that they were bothering my toe. More on that later.
Well so for lunch. I had planned on eating left over brisket taco but Frank, my lunch buddy at work, didn’t bring anything and swore this was the only day this week that he needed to go out. He convinced me to go to Peter Piper Pizza because they supposedly had a $5 buffet.

On the way to the car, I tell Frank that I will drive because my car was only 1 flight down and his was 3 flights up. As I was saying that I had new shoes that weren't quite broken into stair climbing yet, my heel gets caught in my pants cuff and I nearly fall down the stairs scraping my elbow in the process.

Luckily between the tender flesh on my forearm and Frank grabbing my arm from behind I managed to avoid a broken bone.

Yet another installment in the random injury journal!

Then we finally get to PPP they are closed.

We spot a Pizza Hut and assume that they still have a buffet. Trying to get there I accidentally pull into the Whataburger drive thru and have no other way out other than waiting for the 3 cars in front of me or backing up. Something you may know I do so well. Not so much. Thanks to franks guidance I manage to back out o fthe curvign drive thru. We finally make it to Pizza Hut and No dice. We would have to wait 30 minutes to get a pizza and we had already used a majority of our time driving around. In the distance we spot a Cici's. so that's where we went. Not great but cheap and open!

Fast forward to 7:30 PM.

I had just returned from dinner with my world traveler sister-in-law who had just returned from Africa the previous day.

Meg and I settled in to watch Project Runway form last week and I decide to cut my toe nails. Hopeing it might help relieve some of the pain I have been noticing in my right middle toe. As I start to cut I realize that I have an ingrown toe nail. fabulous right. I hope my digging and clipping will help.

Fast forward to 8:30 PM
I get on the treadmill for the first time in a while...too long. With every step the pain in my toe is worse. Upon close inspection I realize that it is red and swollen around the edge. Sign of infection..not good. I remember that Carenow.. Lord Bless them... is open until 10. I quickly sign in on-line hoping to nip the problem in the bud. I know these things can go wrong fast. 5 minutes later I am on my way. Surely there won't be anyone there. Wrong. There were about 6 people in the waiting room and one guy in Triage who had cut a tendon in his thumb
Awww memories! ** Warning following photo not for the weak stomach**
ok ok I took it down. It was grossing me out too!

Angie's thumb vs a vegetable slicer circa November 2005. Sorry...just scroll quickly!

Anyway after a quick history, I get some shots in my toe and the nice lady cuts "a wedge" out of the side of my toe nail. I didn't watch, couldn't feel it but knew it wasn't going to feel nice. I was sure I would be at work today but took the doctor's note from the nice lady anyway.

I got wrapped up and drove home. Calling Jon and Meg to tell them about my excitement.....

Fast forward to 1:15 AM

The shots and pain meds that I took 2 hours previously.... have worn off. Throbbing pain is radiating from my toe to my nose. I manage to hobble to the kitchen, I get some (3)Tylenol and get back in bed. After arranging my 5 pillows in several fashions attempting to get comfortable The meds finally kick in..... an hour later.

My alarm goes off and in walking to the bathroom I realize there is no way I can walk the 2 blocks from my parking garage to my building...never mind ascending the stairs every time I needed to use the restroom.. You all know that is a lot of times.

I email my work, take more Tylenol, arrange my pillow mountain and go back to sleep.
It was definetly a Monday!
The good news is... my new shoes weren't the culprit. Thank goodness because having to continue my hunt would have really hurt!

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