Thursday, July 10, 2008

Loads of fun for 21!

Dear Kaden,

As each day passes my tiny baby is getting closer and closer to becoming a boy. This has been the most exciting time of my life and I wouldn’t give up one day. I can’t believe how much you accomplish each day. You never cease to amaze us with a new action and word every time we turn around. This month alone seems to have brought you through leaps and bounds in your vocabulary! Here are 21 things you have accomplished/continued to do this month!

1.New words galore! Including but not limited to “yep, coose you(excuse you), jumpin’, two/too, watch, chip, crayon, bike

2.You speak in sentences much of the time such as “where Daddy go? I jumpin more? “I puppy movie too! I watch this. I want two chip. Daddy car? and many more!

3. You love using your fork and always ask for a “towel” to keep your hands clean while eating.

4.When you are looking for something and find it you will hold it in the air and say “Ha Ha!” It is hilarious!

5.You can blow bubbles all by yourself, though Mommy and Daddy still like to help you
You LOVE to swim! And Jump in the water! I can’t believe what a little fish you are. Every time we take you to the pool at least one parent of another child compliments your skills.

6.You got your first case of swimmer’s ear. We will be more careful with using alcohol to assure it doesn’t’ happen again… though it probably will!

7.You love to “play the drums” Sissy let’s you bang away and you think it is great!

8.You still love Nemo but have expanded your selection of movies to include Cars, The Wild and Toy Story. Mommy and Daddy are very happy to have something different to watch.

9.You are sleeping in a big boy bed. We feel so blessed that this has been such an easy transition. You go to sleep with a few songs and it is so amazing. It is so crazy to look at that monitor and see my little guy in such a big bed.

10.You still love to read books. Daddy is great at making voices so you prefer his styling but sometimes you will listen to Mommy read. I hope you always keep yoru love for reading.

11.You are in love with Let’s Jump. You climbed the 10 foot wall by yourself and you can fly through the obstacle course. Again unbelievable. I hope your courage will stay with you always, though I wouldn’t mind if you lost a little of your dare devil side, Daddy would beg to differ.

12. You have gotten down everyone’s name except Allison, Grammy and yourself. You can say them I am sure of it but for some reason you don’t...silly boy

13.You love your Hippo. It is awesome to watch you play with him as you pretend that he is getting you. I can’t believe how large your imagination is already.

14.You love animals! You love to talk about ebras, pfffts (elephant) and roars. Anyone who talks to you long enough is sure to hear about them.

15.You have learned more animal names and sounds including “baa….neigh….goat….peep peep….cluck…hee haw”

16. You took your first bike ride and you loved it. When I took you to target a few days later you saw the bikes and said “Baby’s bike” and “baby’s hat (helmet)” Looks like you will be hitting the ramps before we know it!

17.You showed your first fear...animatronic animals…who knew? I guess they are a little creepy.

18. You have had lots of fun playing with your friends this month. You are really starting to learn how to interact with others. Some of your favorites are Hannah, Emory, Austin, Andrew and Anthony and, of course, “ach!” (Zach)

19.You have gotten to spend the last month with Daddy. You guys have a great time and I am so glad that you guys have had this time to get to know each other. Mommy misses you every second she is away and hopes to some day get to spend more time with you too!

20.Your new piece of clothing “Puppy shoes!” Who knew a $7 pair of shoes could bring so much joy! If you are wearing them everyone hears about them! You also started calling your brown sandals your “neigh shoes” because they have a horse on them.

21.You are starting to develop the best sense of humor. When Daddy or Mommy are being silly and playing a trick or a joke you will throw your head back and laugh. Who knows if you really get it but everyone knows we like an audience! Your favorite thing to do it to “boo” people/things. I admit there are few things funnier than scaring someone. Someday I am sure I will regret teaching you this skill but now it is hilarious to watch you stalk Daddy or even Hippo!

We love you so much Bubba! We have truly been blessed with an amazing son and wake up each day wondering what you will do next!

Happy 22 months!
Love you the most,
Mommy and Daddy

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