Monday, July 7, 2008

Biker Boy

Yesterday we took our first family bike ride. I hadn't riden for years and Jon hadn't either but still, more recently than I. After some help from the neighbor we got Jon's bike tires changed and instead of having to fix Allison's immediately, she is letting us borrow her's while she is in Africa. uOr neighbors let us borrow their bike with the kid seat attached so we could begin our adventure.
They even gave Kaden his very first helmet that they had extra! Go speed racer!

Ready to ride!

He kept wanting me to get off so he could ride. I finally convinced him that he wouldn't be going very far without me!

We rode up to Sonic for dinner. I don't think it counts as exercise really but we still had fun!

Cooling off waiting to eat!

Yum, Chicken and "Fry!"

Kaden trying out Daddy's bike. Still a little big for him!

Kicking the tires...Looks good!

Daddy had a sore bum this morning but it was fun and we will definetly go again soon!

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Josh and Laura said...

Kaden is such a big man now!! I sure have been wanting one of those bike seats but I guess Canon still has awhile. :)