Monday, July 28, 2008

Mouse! Happy Birthday Sadie!

Today Kaden went to his very first Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party!

Birthday Girl! 3 yrs old!
Sadie and I go way back. Her Mommy kept me when I was a baby!

Mommy almost missed it but due to Daddy leaving his wallet in my car, I got to take a long lunch and join them for all of the fun!

You might rememberour first experience was in a San Antonio CEC...not so good! The one by Grapevine Mills was awesome! Lots for little ones to do!

A few rides before the food came!
Not his favorite, he couldn't really reach the peddles and it was kind of scary!

Ride around the clock! When Mommy was little they had a ride kind of like this that she loved too!

Driving is serious business!

Yes, K was having as much fun as it seems! He rode this neigh about 5 times! He
spotted it the moment we went in! He was shouting Hee Haw! (K's version of Yee-haw)

Pizza time! I was busy keeping my eye on that big animatronic Mouse. I warmed up to him eventually!
See when the Big Guy himself came out, I even allowed a picture with him!

Is there something on my face? Yum Chok Cake!

More Fun Games and Rides!

This was a virtual kid roller coaster...K hated it! Sorry Daddy! Maybe when I am older...
I ride Bob!

Basketball! Daddy & I both need more practice!

Skee Ball! Harder than it looks! We only threw 2 balls in the other alley!

I climbed way up here

and finally got down!

Thanks for the Awesome Party Sadie!
Oh, and for my new rockstar "Eyes!"


Diana Richards said...

How fun! He is such a little ham, I love it! :)

megrynders said...

I LOVE the pic of him riding the "neigh" precious boy!