Friday, October 26, 2007

Kaden's Party

Alright people I know I am dreadfully behind but I have been busy! Kaden's party was a success I think! It was rather his costume didn't stay on long. We had almost 50 people and our living room looks like Santa's toy shop! thanks to everyone who came!

Here are some shots of the big day!

The award for Best Costume by an adult goes to: Becky!

The award for Best Duo: Zach and Diana

The better late than never award goes to:

Jordan and Melynda!

The award for Best YoungestTrio: The Hightower boys!

The award for Oldest Trio goes to:

Grammy Jane and her Jungle Cats!

The award for Best Birthday Boy Goes to: Kaden!

1 comment:

Daddio said...

Yay Hightowers. Way to represent. Too bad Austin wasn't smiling...