Friday, October 12, 2007

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to....

Ok, so Kaden's big party is a week away but I wanted to share the excitement of his first birthday. Jon and I thought we would do a little something special in honor of the big day. I stayed up until 11:00, stirring, mixing, baking and decorating a special cowboy hat cake.
Our plan was to let him make his big mess at our house where we could clean up rather than outside with no sink. (At his party) The day started well. I made him french toast, one of his favorites and he went to see Ms. Joyce. They got to go see puppies which of course he loved! He got to take his first trip to McDonald's. I ordered him a Happy Meal but, of course, he preferred his spinach and cheese ravioli and apple sauce over chicken nuggets and fries! Whose kid is this? He did enjoy playing on the slides and things! Well by the time cake time rolled around, a combination of not enough nap and 3 teeth in one week made for an interesting time. Things started off well but gradually got crankier and crankier.
After a few small, neat tastes of chocolate cake, he was done. Again we are questioning parentage? Long story short we put him to bed/nap at an early (6:00). He slept for an hour and then woke up and played for a while. Still cranky but determined to get on his new bulldozer by himself, he spent the better part of 15 minutes climbing on and off of it, unable to figure out no matter why no matter which side he attempted to climb on it from, he always ended up facing backwards. He did not want help but did appreciate the applause he receive every time he was successful. By the way, he makes Beyonce look co-dependent! We finally took the bulldozer outside as the last beams of twilight were fading. This was fun for a while,until he reached the end of the sidewalk. He refused to ride at this point and insisted on pushing it instead but he only wanted to push it north on the sidewalk. Any attempt to turn him around and show him another path was unacceptable. He fussed and whined until he finally gave into the fact that he wasn't allowed to walk to Denton. After a little while and several tumbles onto the cement, it was time for bed! Well at least until midnight when he woke up again! All I can say is, thank you Tylenol!

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