Friday, October 12, 2007

The Big ONE!

Well it has finally happened, I am joining the age and expanding Kaden's picture website to include a blog as well. I will try to include funny, interesting and informative things for you to read. Let me know what you like and don't like or ask questions!
My baby boy turned 1 this past Wednesday and in honor of that I would like to steal an idea from a friend and give you a little Kaden top 25
1. Kaden Jon Rhodes was born on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 10:02 am (tried to make 10, but doc was too slow!). He was born in delivery room 10 and we were moved to room 244 ( adds to 10). Cooky right! He also had approximately 10,000 photos taken that first day!
2. His first word was dada followed by dog, duck and finally mama!
3. He started sleeping through the night at about 3 months. (9pm to 6:30am)
4. He will sleep until 9:00 if given the opportunity but usually rises at 6:30 when his Mama goes to get him up. He usually wakes up with a smile but if not his first Molly kiss of the day usually does it!
5. He loves to flip light switches! He is successful only about 1/2 the time but loves to try!
6. He loves mirrors! We have always been able to make him smile by showing him a mirror. If I was that cute I would want to look at myself all the time too!
7. He loves dogs! As aforementioned, dog before mama! He loves to get open mouth kisses from Molly, we are working on keeping the mouth closed! He cracks himself up just going for a kiss!
8. His first real food was sweet potatoes, which he still prefers over french fries! Crazy! Interesting side note, sweet potatoes are one of the few foods his daddy doesn't like!
9. He started walking at 10 months and running at 10 1/2. This boy is on the move!
10. He loves books! Especially pop-ups! He will read the same where's baby book 50 times if you will let him!
11. He loves his stick horse. Before he could walk he would crawl and drag it with one hand, now he will sit on it and try to sing the bonanza song, that is what we always sing to get him to bounce up and down on it! He blows his lips and says bu bu as soon as we open the garage, this is his word for his stick horse!
12. He love peekaboo! with towels, blankets or even just look away and looking back really fast!
13. He loves to pretend to give you a bite of something and then quickly sticks it back in his own mouth. This cracks him up every time!
14. He will be attending his 2nd Baylor Homecoming this year, last year he went when he was 11 days old!
15. His wardrobe consists mostly of collared shirts, per Aunt Sissy's advice, jeans and shorts. We recently added shoes, he is better with them but still prefers bare feet!
16. He stays with Ms. Joyce this year while Mommy and Daddy work. Eric is teaching him to toughen up. He has learned to take a train to the head rather well.
17. He is allergic to clothing dye. If we put an outfit on him that hasn't been washed he immediately gets a rash!
18. He gave up his paci at 3 months and his bottles at 11 months. He also switched himself to real milk at 11 months, he just refused to drink formula anymore! who can blame him!
19. He loves to eat! but as I said more vegetable than anything! he also loves goldfish, puffs, string cheese, bread, peas, green beans and yogurt!
20. He loves barking at dogs. Maybe we have the next Dr. Doolittle.
21. He is named Kaden(because it was a name Jon and I liked 5 years ago and we thought it would be unique. Little did we know it would become one of the most popular names for 2006) and Jon (for his Daddy of course)! Hi snicknames include Sweet Boy, Munchkin and Bubba
22. He has bright blue eyes, everyone always asks if they can have them and white blond hair. He has already had two hair cuts! He hates them, by the way, but always looks so handsome afterwards! On occasion, he gets a little spike like daddy's!
23. His favorite kid show is Blue's Clues..a dog....... shocking I know!
24. He loves the water...unless it is on a rag trying to wash his face! He loves to swim(crawl in the shallow parts) and loves the Fort Worth Water Gardens!
25. He has the best laugh! He is super ticklish (like Daddy) and has had an awesome belly laugh since about 3 months!


MommaLlama said...

YAY!!! You have a blog!

The Cochran Fam said...

Love love love it! You can steal from me anytime!

megrynders said...

Yeah I'm so excited!! What a SWEET BOY!!

joycealman said...

ahh man! I laughed at the train to the head comment and then felt really bad. Actually Kaden is learing how to dodge, give things over before they're taken and even fight back! Today he bit Eric's finger when he tried to take something away from him. Go Kaden! Way to use those new teeth!

He is the bestest little baby. So sweet and so easy. Hugs for the baby!