Friday, October 26, 2007

As Time Goes By..

One Day Old

When I was pregnant with Kaden people told me to enjoy this time because it would go by so fast. At the time I didnt' believe them. How can sleepless nights and throw-up go by fast? They were little rag doll is now a little man! This first year has flown by and I have 20 more fun things to add for this month!

1. He uses the word "uh, oh" with great accuracy...though he does often drop things purposefully so that he can say it. Still in that little voice it is so cute!

2. He has started saying "oh, dough," for "oh, no" also precious. Miss Joyce said he yelled it out when the volcano exploded on Land Before Time.

3. He took is 1st, 2nd and 3rd Hayride.

4. He got his first Halloween Costume. By the end of the month he will have worn it 5 times! How's that for gettin gyour money's worth!

5. He still loves books! He will sit and "read" them by himself!

6. He loves to dance with his musical toys.

7. He can say "arf" and "woof" when "talking" to his dog pals.

8. He goes to sleep with just a little wimper now.

9. He loves going for walks in the stroller.

10. He does not like Giant Clifford's. Though he didnt' mind Madeline!

11. If you ask him to go "bye, bye" He will run to the back door and wait for you to open it!

12. If I need to check the mail he will wait by the car at the top of the driveway for me! When I am about half-way back up the driveway he will turn around and run for the door!

13. He loves his Diego toothbrush, but only if he is doing it himself!

14. He stands up the whole time you are bathing him until you turn the faucet on to rinse...he will then promply sit down. It is hillarious!

15. He LOVES his DADDY! (not that he hasn't always) but this month in particular he loves to look a this pictures if he is not home. Last night he climbed in my lap so that he could look at his picture on the phone.

16. He loves to pick ut the phone, cell phones, etc. and then have you chase him to get them back. He finds this hysterical! He can bring objects when prompted though.

17. He loves to open and close doors. Especially if he is on the opposite side from you! He does get mad if you don't open it back up pretty quickly!

18. He loves BREAD and FRUIT! He will also love a food one day and not want to touch it the next!

19. He loves peek-a-boo, or being surprised. It is one sure way to get a laugh!

20. He looks great in a tie!

My Big One Year Old Boy!


Diana Richards said...

I can absolutely not believe how quickly this year has flown by! Amazing, isn't it! Could you have possibly imagined what it would be like right now, a year ago? And just think of all the new stuff the next year holds, too!

The Cochran Fam said...

He looks so grown up with his tie! I love the Baylor onesie too. Hope to see you this weekend!

The Cochran Fam said...

He looks so grown up with his tie! I love the Baylor onesie too. Hope to see you this weekend!