Monday, October 15, 2007

Eye Brow Threading

Due to frequency of the question asked, ok twice, I decided to make today's topic eyebrow threading. Those of you savvy Oprah watchers have probably seen it on her show, I was introduced to it by my eyebrows obsessed sister! Here is the basic gist of the process. First, take a couple Tylenol, this aids in your ability to recover. Now proceed to nearest eyebrow threading torture station. in our case it was Grapevine Mills Mall. They put you in this hair dresser chair that leans you all the way back so that you are sprawled out nicely for all the passersby to gawk at. The torturer then takes a length of thread and with adept ease gently twirls, twists and configures said string to capture just the right number of eyebrow hairs (EH). She instructs you to use one hand to pull down on your eye lid and one hand to pull up this keeps her from "cutting me" with the string. Reassuring isn't it. Then with one "fluid" motion the string is retracted and "gently" tears the hairs from your flesh. Not bad if that was it right? Wrong, the process continues for about 5 minutes on each eye. Between intervals of wiping my overflowing watery eyes, I notice the crowd beginning to hover like they are checking out a crime scene. Very reassuring, because said watering is of course removing most of my eye make-up and smearing some nice raccoon circles around my eyes. After 10 or so minutes of ripping and pulling, the torturess holds up the mirror and walla perfectly groomed eyebrows! All for the bargain price of $10. I almost paid $20 for her to stop the first time. Now if you want some real excitement try your lip. If you haven't tried to hold your tongue tightly in your upper lip for 10 minutes so as to avoid "cutting" you, my friend, are missing out!

Your eyebrows will look fabulous and it really does last about 4-6 weeks and isn't so bad, the 2nd time, That's right I came back for more! Just don't forget the Tylenol!


The Cochran Fam said...

Sounds painful. I think I'll stick to waxing. Besides, I don't think there are any threading torture stations in my small town!

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