Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Harvest Hopper

** Please note photos have not been downloaded but will be added ASAP**
Tonight is Halloween and if we are able to attend the 2 events that we are planning on attending Kaden will have attended 8 fall fun festivals, had 3 pony rides, 4 hayrides, 2 petting zoos, 1 real zoo and played about 15 carnival games! That means he has gotten to wear his costume 7 times! Jon says he probably just thinks it is part of his rotation of clothing now. October has been a fun busy month. I am all about a free festival and we have hit up as many as possible! Last night we found out that Kaden is a bit of a carnival game prodigy. He was playing bean bag toss, bowling, duck game, and even rode a roller coaster. Ok a little one, but he loved it! He didn't want to stop playing the pick and egg game and was a champ at choosing a lollipop off the tree. He really enjoyed the bouncy horses and with a little help kicked 3 soccer balls into the goal at the same time! We were truly impressed with how willing he was to participate in the games. It was fun to watch him! (Mommy and Daddy did share the candy with him that he could actually eat!
He did go in this morning for 4 shots and managed to break through his first lower left molar. Fun day, so we may not make all planned stops tonight. BTW...he is 30 1/4 inches long/tall and a little over 21 pounds. The doctor said he is in the 30% for weight...that's right a Rynders/Rhodes that is under weight! I think the fact that he is constantly moving unless strapped into something contributes largely to this! Everything else looked great!

We do plan on a little trick or treating, just the neighbors and a few friends. I will write more tomorrow and post pics!

BTW...if you live in Abilene be sure and check out KTAB 10:00 news, you just might see someone familiar in the weather segment!

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