Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tick-e Tick-e is Ouchie Ouchie!

Is there anything cuter than a 15 month old trying to tickle you? This is Kaden's latest trick. He thinks it is hillarious...the only problem is it is really just scratching....on my neck mostly..sometimes my arms. I laugh until tears roll but it's because I am seriously in pain. How can something so small be so sharp and piercing? It is like a little porcupine running aorun dyour body. Still it is so cute to see his little mouth say "tickle, tickle". A fingernail trim is definetly coming tonight but I swear those little boogers grow at warp speed! I have being psyching myself up all day to tackle, pin and trim. Kaden loves it...seriously...ok hates it.... with a passion, almost as much as nose wiping! I find it works best to pin one arm under mine and quickly trim the other. I will admit that he may have been nipped a few times...... this may be leading to his being gun shy of the clippers...hmmm.. The thing is he waits until I get the transparent sliver within the teeth of the clippers and then he jerks...silly boy! Par tof my problem is also that the nails seem to grow at different rates, not always needing to be cut at the same time. this is what has thrown me into the cycle where they seemingly always need to be cut...AH!

My other option is let Daddy teach him nail care. It requires 2 pieces of equipment....your nails and your teeth. Chew them til it hurts...wala!

Then there is the Sissy and Uncle Mark approach. Pay someone else to do it..often. that's right Mark is a prissy puppy..... ;) well since all his monetary needs currently come from my budget he isn't doing this one either! If anyoen is getting a mani' s me!

Maybe he should be paying me hmmm that would b ean interesting blog to see what it would cost to live like a baby....I will get back to you on this.

anyway, I will let you know how it goes.

Speaking of trimming...I have trimmed off another 1.5 pounds...slow and steady wins the race right?


Diana Richards said...

How funny! The only time I can cut Zach's nails is when he is watching Jack's Big Music show, and sitting in my lap. Seriously, that kid will do ANYTHING for that show!

The Cochran Fam said...

Good Luck! At our house Judd does the nail clipping. Always has.