Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Biggest Loser!

Well it is officially the New Year…ok, like two weeks ago but I am a little behind. Not only is this a time of renewal and change but it is also a time to step on the scale. It is time to face the fact that the extra weight is no longer “pregnancy weight”. The kid’s a year old and people are no longer buying it…sad times.. This means that it is time to whip by butt into shape. Jon and I started out great last year, we each lost 40 and 25 pounds respectively but then life got in the way. The stress of unemployment proved to be too much and my body quickly found it’s 25 pounds. Apparently I am not a good hidder?? Anyway I figure I will use this blog to motivate me to keep on track. I have been doing pretty good but I thought if I was posting my progress on my blog it might inspire me to stick with it more…… so on Wednesday’s, my official weigh day, I will give you an update. Now I will not be sharing my start weight because frankly it is crazy embarrassing! Let’s just say that in shear weight…. I could kick most of the female American Gladiators butts…….

sad but true~
I have been doing some form of exercise most days. This Weekend, I did not so good…unless watching people walk in a parade counts? I have done my walk fit video 2 days..(most of the 1.5 miles while holding a 25 pound baby so I figure it counts for 2 miles!) and gone to the gym one day. I have had to start slow as my right hip has not quite recovered from the 20 hour car ride back from Colorado. I am going walking during my lunch hour today and hitting the gym tomorrow during lunch. Luckily my friend Lauren, that I work with, is a member at the same gym so we can go together. Strength in numbers!

I am not looking to be a super model, I just want to weigh less than the average player on a high school football team. Any encouraging thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a very motivating pic from Christmas.....

Anyway I did my official weigh in last Wednesday, we will see if I made any progress in the morning.

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megrynders said...

This picture makes me laugh like no other!! Look how excited you are about that puzzle!!