Thursday, January 24, 2008

1 is the loneliest number!

Well this past weekend we went to San Antonio with Jon's debate group. the 8 hour ride down was a bit rough with a 1 5month old and a 2 1/2 year old but we made it. We did stop at McD's to allow for some play time. I did order a salad but had a few fries. Hey an hour of screaming makes you need fries! Stinkin' Austin traffic....stay about Austin..push your gas pedal! a slight wrong turn sent us 16 miles south of San Antonio....stinkin' loops! Arrival time at hotel 10:00....2 hours past bed time! Saturday morning we took the boys (Kaden and Jordan..the son of Eric, Jon's other coach) to the drive through safari. Pretty sweet...nothing like hand feeding a baby antelope. Could have done without the emu attacks though! Afterwards we saw Jennifer and James' sweet baby girl Addison..too cute! Then Aunt Sissy forced us to eat Mexican..we were in San there another choice? After chips/ salsa, enchiladas and a nap we went to visit the Daddy's. In hind sight I should have run around the cafeteria as much as the boys but of course didn't. We then attempted Chuckie Cheese. This place is not nearly as fun as I remembered...there is still the creepy robotic mouse but the rides are now just boring arcade games...the boys were not terribly impressed so we only stay about 10 minutes. We grabbed some La Madeline pizza and headed back to the hotel where we met up with the group to go to Outback for one of the team members b-days. That's right I officially became the mom who takes her kid out to dinner at 9:30. We didn't have steak of course...just dessert..oops....Kaden got in bed for the 2nd in a row at 10:30...meg and I groggily played slaps in the hall while we waited for him to go to sleep. As soon as Jon arrived about 20 minutes later we crashed! Meg had the pleasure of sleeping on a roll away that she compared to the comfort level of a table top...hmmm...she almost had to sleep with us in the king size because a basketball team had procured all the roll aways....luckily after some stalking out we managed to wrangle one up.....We left Sunday morning about 9:30...God Blessed us and Kaden slept all the way to Waco...Hallelujah! We stopped for some Fazoli's and a visit with the Hart family.. oh and maybe a white chocolate..yum! (for those of you not familiar with must stop through sometime and try the white chocolate from Common coffee involved but fab none the less) The trip back home was fairly uneventful and was followed quickly by naps all around! It was an exhausting and fun weekend but add in the homemade chocolate chip cookies compliments of Melynda and you will understand the title of this blog...
weight loss this week: 1 pound
to date: 6 pounds
Pray for strength for will power this week!

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Diana Richards said...

Minus one is better than plus one! Way to go all things considered. What a crazy are far braver than I my friend!