Saturday, January 12, 2008

15 months...and growing!

IT is hard to believe that our little munchkin is 15 months old. I was thinking that including the 9 months "inside" We have had this little guy for 2 full years. Here is a special picture my father-in-law put is truly amazing what a difference a year can make!

Here are a few other changes we have noticed ...............

-4 months (that's 5 months "inside")
Lots of kicking, moving and jumping
15 months

-3 through 10 months
Starving all of the time...feed me...anything and everything. Gallons of Milks and Juice, Tubs of Puffs, hundreds of containers of veggies and fruits, oatmeal, He even ate green beans mixed with apple sauce, it didn't matter!
15 months
Survive on a diet of the following: milk, juice, string cheese, yogurt, eggs (Thank goodness for chickens), bread, peaches, bananas, cookies aka peanut butter crackers, mandarin oranges and raisins. Mommy tries to offer him other things but frankly... he is not interested. Most meals consist of a few bites of one or two of the above items......FRUSTRATING!
Doc Knapp says" I have never seen a baby starve to death with food in front of them."
Mommy says "Please eat!"

4 months
He loves the high chair. Will sit there for a good hour as long as you keep the puffs coming!
15 months
No way, Jose! Give me a Booster or nothing.....BTW...will only sit for about 20 minutes if we are lucky!

0-15 months
Loves to Swing, spin, jump bounce! Daddy is excited to have an adventerous member of the family!

0-10 months
Diaper changes are the service..thanks Mom!
15 months
He will fight, bend kick turn whatever it takes is crazy!
Mommy says" Is it time to potty train yet?

0-9 Months
Baths in the sink are great. I love the water, I love relaxing in the nice warm water!
15 months
Tub baths....will only stand...sometimes I don't want in......then don't want out....water is too hot...water is too cold.....

6 months
I know Mommy and Daddy's face
15 months
Calling Mommy, Daddy, Molly, Sissy, "D", Papa and Ally by name. I even recognize Isaac sometimes!

4 months
Loved to eat from a spoon!
15 months
Give me the spoon! I don't care that I can't really use it, I must have it!

0-10 months
Loved a variety of books!
15 months
Must read the Dog Book or Noah's Ark

0-15 months
Sweetest, smartest most precious boy ever!

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Diana Richards said...

How precious! Isn't it amazing how much changes when they realize the power they potentially have! He sure seems to love his independence! Thanks for the cute update!