Thursday, June 4, 2009


I know I finally got caught up so here is a little answer to the tag I received!

Here we go with 8 things:

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
  1. Paying off student loans
  2. A few days off in July
  3. Kaden being potty trained
  4. Having another baby..all prayers welcome
  5. More time with my hubby this ummer
  6. Seeing Kaden's vocabulary continue to grow (Tonight he was climbing on the chair and he said "I am just thinking." I said "About what?" He said "the moon, where is he?" I said "I don't know, what do you think?" "He is hiding outside in the sky"
  7. My high school reunion 
  8. Picnics, swimming and water gun fights

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Woke up early for a procedure
  2. Took 2 long naps
  3. Caught up on my blog
  4. Showered at 5 PM
  5. Paid a hefty price to my insurance company
  6. Transferred funds to cover said price
  7. Ate dinner graciously provided by a friend
  8. Chatted with my sweet hubby in bed til 10:30 then crashed

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Get back in shape
  2. Take the summer off
  3. Get pregnant and give birth again
  4. Slow down the speed at which my boy seem to be racing through their short lives thus far
  5. Find the discipline of daily reading my Bible without the use of a formal Bible Study
  6. Pay off our last student loan and buy newer cars
  7. Take a vacation (even a short one) with just Jon
  8. Give up Diet Coke

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. Big Bang Theory
  2. New Adventures of Old Christine
  3. Wipeout (you know you like it)
  4. 18 Kids and Counting
  5. The Amazing Race
  6. Jon and Kate (Breakin my heart)
  7. How I met your mother

8 People I Tag:

  1. Courtney
  2. Caroline
  3. Meghan
  4. Randa
  5. Amanda Mixon
  6. Jon
  7. Stephanie
  8. Jill C.


Diana said...

Bout time! hehe! Didn't know you had a procedure. I hope everything is okay. You are always in our prayers. We are begging God for a new little Rhodes! In His timing, I know, but something about that isn't ALWAYS reassuring! :) Can't wait to see you guys again!

The Adams said...

I had no idea you were trying to get pregnant great!! :)

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

Hey! So excited to see what a beautiful life you guys have made! Your son is so adorable! Isn't it so strange to see high school friends grow up and have kids?!

MommaLlama said...

Hope you are feeling better... and we need to get together!